Als wäre mein Leben momentan nicht schon anstrengend und scheiß schwierig genug, da flattert die nächste Meldung herein. Solen, die Verantwortliche für die ausländischen Volunteers in Frankreich, verlässt die Organisation „Jeunesse et Reconstruction“ bzw. den ICYE France. Ihr habt sie bereits auf vielen Fotos und durch die Beiträge in meinem Blog wahrgenommen, und ich bedaure es sehr, denn sie war eine überaus engagierte und kompetente Persönlichkeit. Diese e-mail erhielt ich von Solen gestern:

To my dear volunteers,

Today, I’m not writting you for asking you to send me back some train tickets or something borring for ICYE, but to tell you that I’m leaving ICYE next week. After 2 years of a great intercultural experience at Jeunesse etReconstruction, I will leave the organization on February 28th to keep on with my personal projects.

I wanted to tell you that it was a real pleasure to work with you all (evenif I do not really consider it only as a work) and especially with your group this year, you really brought me a lot on the personal level as well with your dynamism, your motivation, your experiences and your personal wealth and I will never forget this. You know you are all in my heart. Besides, it’s not really the end as I’m staing in Paris and even if I’m not physically in Jeunesse et Reconstruction’s office, I really hope to keep intouch with you all for the rest of the year and after.

You can count on me if you come to Paris, if you wish to keep sharing your joys and sadnesses, just to have an advice for the rest of your ICYE experience in France, I will always be around. Of course, someone else will replace me soon and will contact you to manage the ICYE programme in France, in the meanwhile, you can still contact JR /ICYE France at the same e-mail and telephone and my collegues will of course answer your questions or needs as I did until now. For more official things, please contact my boss : Marie-Christine ABISKA who will always be here.

I give you my personal datas because it’s not the end of our relation (I will keep on harassing you by e-mail or on the phone) XXXXXXXX. Even if I’m happy to start a new adventure at Emmaus International, I am of course a bit sad not to finish the year with you and that’s why I’ll do my best to participate to the end of stay ICYE camp in July 2006.

With my best wishes to all of you, i’ll miss you all